Whatever Vibe


Design a logo for a new brand of clothing, #Whatever Vibe. The clothing is mainly for activities in the outdoors, the clothing will have built in SPF sunscreen protection. Depending upon costs and distribution the initial product will be long sleeve and possibly made out of bamboo which is an environmentally responsible option.

Initial thoughts and design centered around fishing, hooks and waves. After the first round of designs it was decided that this might be limiting and we needed to have a logo that could be used in a variety of outdoor applications. Legibility and being able to reproduce the design at smaller sizes were the driving factors during the second round of designs.

Icon Set:

We have created an easily recognizable set of icons that represent the different types of outdoor activities where the Whatever Vibe clothing line will be worn. In addition to being recognizable by shape and color the symbols will work either independently or as part of a larger system representing the entire brand of products. The icons are reproducible at a range of sizes and in different colors; from tags and monograms to the side of a boat.


Sun: bright, compass, North, heat, sunglasses

Wind: light, airy, moving, breezy

Tree: growth, outdoor, o-road

Water: waves, ocean, movement

Uses and Applications:

Monograms, Tags, Stickers, Embroidery (Horizontal and Vertical)


We have created several treatments (Circle, Square, Triangle) that were based on some of the conversations that we had. The main requirement is to be readable at different sizes while also complimenting the different logo styles. The goal of the logotype is to represent the brand in a fun, relaxing and “whatever” type of mood. Out on a boat, a bike, windsurfing or fishing; the logo and type treatment will work wherever you need them.

2021 Summit Creative Awards: Silver Winner – Whatever Vibe Logo Design


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