Team Quinn

Occasionally we have the opportunity to work with friends or businesses where the people become our friends. Such is the case with Bobby and Michele Quinn, two extraordinary people that have confronted Bobby’s ALS diagnosis head on and with the kind of resilience that makes you sit back and wonder in awe. One of the things that they have decided to do was to set up a non-profit to help people and their families navigate the confusing medical issues and to provide funds to help them with some of the unexpected costs associated with an ALS diagnosis. It is their way of paying it forward.

Team Quinn was created to serve Virginia ALS patients and their families by providing funds to help pay for out of pocket expenses related to their care and treatment of the disease. Our mission is spreading awareness of ALS and raising funds for patients battling the disease to help improve their everyday lives.

After experiencing first-hand how expensive ALS is for example $800 co-pay for Nudexta, 20% share of a power wheelchair, general assistance with daily living that health insurance doesn’t cover, etc. Bobby and Michele decided to PAY IT FORWARD and create a foundation to help others with the same expenses.

Team Quinn is a registered 501(c)(3) charity that is awaiting IRS tax exemption status.


(804) 218-1063