TrExLo – Truth Excellence Love

In 2016, when Rob White purchased the 30 year old FASTSIGNS businesses in Richmond and Fredericskburg from the original owner, one of the very first actions was to establish values to be the foundation of this business.  He realized that although these FASTSIGNS businesses had been successful for close to 30 years, the culture was destined to change under his new ownership, and he needed to start right away to establish the type of culture that fit him personally and as a business leader.

He named the LLC that purchased the business TREXLO, an acronym for the Biblical principles of Truth, Excellence and Love. Even if you don’t believe in the Bible, I don’t think you could argue that TRUTH, EXCELLENCE and LOVE are not three good things upon which to base a lifestyle. These three lifestyle principles were translated into a business Value set, by adding CLIENT FOCUS as the foundation and enhancing TRUTH with INTEGRITY and LOVE with PASSION and RESPECT.  The four values of FASTSIGNS Central Virginia are now:


Always trying to keep with the times and stay ahead of the curve, Rob needed a website that he and his employees could always refer to when they need to be reminded of the TrExLo value systems. We were happy to help FASTSIGNS with a site where they can start a blog, add video content and use as an internal communications tool.


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