Overview of Logos and Branding

Your logo and branding are visual representations of who you are as a company. If you are considering rebranding or in need of a new logo, consult with a logo designer to assist you in transforming your ideas for your business into a logo that will make an impact on your business.

“Less is More.”
– Mies Van Der Rohe

How Hiring a Logo Designer Benefits Your Business

Logo design is one of the central features of your brand and is central to your visual identity. When you are in need of a new logo, hiring a logo designer with expertise in working with clients to develop their branding is imperative to incorporating a successful logo into your business.

Giving Yourself a Visual Voice – As a business owner or decision maker for your business, you invest your time and energy into making your company the best it can be. Hiring a designer that can give you a visual presence to accompany your work will help to strengthen your brand  recognition. Your visual voice communicates who your target demographic is and your style to potential consumers.

Understanding of Visual Design – Logo design requires an understanding of design principles and techniques in order to create a strategic and effective logo. In order to have the best logo for your business, hire a logo designer with knowledge of the concepts in branding, design, color theory and typography.

Signify a Change in your Company – When your company is facing a change of some type, whether it is new management, a new mission statement, or new services offered, it may be the right time to rebrand your company to help signify the changes to your customers. Consulting with a logo designer is extremely valuable in understanding the right time to rebrand and communicate your mission and vision through your visual identity.

Technical Knowledge – When you work with a logo designer, you can feel confident that your designer has the technical knowledge to produce your logo with the correct methods and in the right formats. You will have access to all of the file types you may need, so you do not need to worry about your logo being too low of a resolution or in the wrong format for printers.

The JDGD Difference

When you hire a designer to create your new logo and branding, it is important to hire a designer with experience and a deep understanding of communication. Your logo is the first visual that most customers will notice when interacting with your business, so it is crucial that you have a strong logo that communicates who you are as a company.

Our team focuses on understanding your vision for your company and creating a visual representation that showcases you. We have expertise in typography and visual communication, which we utilize to create a strong logo for you.

One of our real estate clients described working with us on his new branding by saying, “My company recently expanded and we were looking for someone to help us brand ourselves and come up with a new logo. After some exhaustive research on our own part, we contacted JDGD and asked if John would work with us. He came up with several excellent logos which really made it tough to pick just one, but we were finally able to do so. We have received numerous compliments and could not be any more pleased with John’s services. He was always easily accessible and always met any deadlines we had talked about. I would strongly encourage anyone thinking about additional branding and/or logos to reach out to John.”

Is now the right time for your business to rebrand? Here at JDGD, we’d love to talk with you about how we can assist you in rebranding by designing your new logo!

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