Overview of Social Media Management

Social media is a major contributor to how individuals around the world communicate online. According to a 2019 study*, 69% of American adults are active on at least one social media site and the average U.S. Internet user has approximately 7 social media accounts. So what does this mean for your business? If you are not actively using social media for your company, you are missing out on key platforms for reaching new audiences and potential customers.

“Less is More.”
– Mies Van Der Rohe

Here at JDGD, we understand that business people and their employees are busy. We offer social media management services to help ensure that you do not miss opportunities to grow your business and gain new customers.

How Social Media Benefits Your Business

Many business people view social media as mainly a personal form of communication, but may struggle to see it’s potential to help grow their business. However, using social media strategically for your business can allow your followers and customers to feel a personal connection to your company. This will help to build their trust in you and will introduce you to a wider audience of potential customers.

Provide Value to Your Followers – When building a content strategy and calendar for your business’s social media, providing value to your followers is one of the best ways to grow your social media presence. Rather than consistently posting sales pitches, focus on ways to educate your followers about your industry to help establish yourself as an expert. This will show that you are knowledgeable about your profession and are the best resource for when they need services in your industry.

Consistency is Key – A social media strategy for your business takes time and dedication in order to build a following on social media. If you post relevant content multiple times each week, it helps to build the number of people that your posts reach organically.

Drive Traffic to Your Website – Like all media platforms, social media is just one component of your overall digital strategy. Social media is best for small pieces of content that should serve your bigger marketing goals. By focusing on creating content that leads people to your professionally-designed website, you can turn your followers into customers and clients.

Captivating Imagery – Today’s fast-paced world means that people scroll quickly through their social media feeds. In order to build a following and recognition on various social media platforms, you need captivating photos, graphics and videos. By focusing on imagery that draws viewers in, they are more likely to pay attention to and engage with your content.

Utilize Social Media Advertising – Advertising campaigns on social media is one of the most cost-effective methods of digital advertising. Navigating social media algorithms for organic growth can be difficult, but spending even a moderate budget on advertising to your detailed target market will guarantee that your advertisements are reaching your ideal client.

The JDGD Difference

Here at JDGD, we have worked with a variety of industries in social media management and created content for social platforms that help our clients grow their businesses. We focus on building a content strategy that reflects your services and showcases every aspect of your business. We do this by breaking down different topics of your company and industry into small pieces of information that we develop into individual posts. Through this method, we will always have a detailed schedule of content for your social media platforms.

Another unique aspect of our social media management services is that we prioritize communication with our clients. We plan out the content calendar for your business at least a month in advance and ensure that you approve of all the content we will be posting on your page. Since your social media pages are a reflection of your company, we are diligent about ensuring that we are posting content that aligns with your vision.

We are thankful for one of our client’s kind words about our social media and web design services by saying, “John Drake is an awesome website designer. He has done a lot to help us expand our business through social media, throughout the Richmond area. Ridge Dog Shop is very grateful for his dedication. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

If you have any questions about what social media management could look like for your business, contact us today to discuss our different plans that we can tailor to your needs!



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