Mosquito Hunters of Chesterfield

Mosquito Hunters of Chesterfield was looking to expand their reach in Chesterfield County. Rapid construction and the building of new housing communities has increased the number of residential homes in the area. Mosquito Hunters needed a way to reach these potential customers. We have developed a comprehensive plan involving alternating social media postings on Facebook and blog articles for the website. The use of a Google Ad Words campaign has also allowed us to target the specific neighborhoods where Mosquito Hunters would like to grow its’ business.

We have tied all of this together with print mailers from the corporate office so that our media coverage is providing three touch points before potential customers make a buying decision. By adapting our marketing to a buyer’s stage in the purchase cycle (Awareness > Consideration > Intent > Purchase > Repurchase). We are able to increase the Mosquito Hunter’s brand awareness and familiarity within the community.



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