J Drake Graphic Design stands against racism, and with the Black community.

We stand against not just individual acts of hate — like the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others — but the systems of oppression and inequity that allow them to continue.
We stand alongside anyone putting in work to educate themselves on all forms of racism, to acknowledge their privileges, and to push for inclusion and equity in the workplace and society at large.
We pledge to continuously challenge ourselves to seek out our own biases as we organize experiences for you. We understand we have a platform to highlight local creatives and leaders, and we intend to handle this responsibility with care.
We are taking these stands and other active steps to ensure our values infuse everything we do in service of you and our community.
If you can, please consider supporting these or similar organizations.
The Bail Project
NAACP Legal Defense Fund
National Association of Black Journalists
We understand that our work needs to be continuous and long-term, not overshadowed by the next viral headline. We will be steadfast. We will hold ourselves accountable, and ask that you hold us and each other accountable too.

Stay safe and be well,
John Drake

(804) 218-1063