Your Total Wealth

We’ve worked with several book publishers over the year’s and this is one of those resources that almost anyone can use to help them in their financial journey. To purchase a copy visit the Amazon store.

For some down-to-earth, basic advice on money and life, I have a book to recommend: “Your Total Wealth: The Heart and Soul of Financial Literacy.”

“For anyone starting out in life, Your Total Wealth is the ideal read. It is the most unique and accessible financial advice resource I’ve ever seen and goes well beyond how to make money.”

The authors give us a window into what “total wealth” means, how to achieve it, and demonstrate that it is much more than mere numbers. Total wealth is greater than the “stuff” we own or the balance in an investment account.

“I wish that I had this book years ago!”

“Your Total Wealth is filled with insights …. financial terms and life lessons that get you thinking about living a richer life.”

“Giving a copy to young, new clients, would be a great way for a financial adviser to begin a professional relationship.”


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