St. Mark’s Preschool

St Mark’s Preschool had a very common problem for small businesses and non-profits, they were using a free Wix website. Unfortunately, one of the mistakes that businesses make is thinking that they own this type of website which is not the case. These companies (Six, Squarespace, GoDaddy etc.) use proprietary software to build websites for customers. This in and of itself is not a bad thing unless you would like to move away from their platform.This is where issues arise, companies own their content, but not the actual website.

The decision was made to move away and begin to rebuild the website. We had to be ready with the new site before the beginning of the next school year. We could use existing content, but all of the forms and applications needed to be recreated as “fillable” forms for parents to send in electronically. We have also created calendars that can be customized for each class. Class schedules and updates will be posted so that parents will know what is coming in the next few weeks. We have also integrated a payment portal and search features so that parents are able to complete school related tasks online.  As we move forward the next steps will be to work on search results and making sure we are appearing where we new parents are are able to find us and we can continue to provide an atmosphere of love, trust and compassion.

St Mark’s Preschool


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