ReFresh Cabinets

ReFresh Cabinets is a locally owned kitchen and bath remodeling company serving the Greater Richmond area. We opened our doors in 2008 in Midlothian, Virginia in order to provide an alternate solution to costly kitchen renovations. Since then, we have completed over 1,500 kitchen and bath remodels. See what makes us the preferred choice when it comes to kitchen and bath remodels.

ReFresh Cabinets has been working to make sure that they become known as a leader in kitchen and bath remodels in the Richmond area. When the business started the only thing that the company did was cabinet refinishing. But if you have ever had any work done in your home you know how quickly one thing can lead to another. “Now the cabinets look so much better than the counter tops and floors” is an often repeated phrase. Suddenly, it becomes easy to redo the entire kitchen and that’s where Jamie and Brian come into the picture. Having ReFresh manage the entire remodel instead of having to deal with several different contractors is what their business has morphed into over the years.

They needed a new and updated website that would reflect the changes in the type of work that they were becoming known for. We have created a site that has pages for specific jobs and galleries that show before and after photos. We have added time lapse videos to give customers and idea of what the project looks like while in progress. One of the kitchens that is featured on the website is mine!


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