Horizon Tax and Accounting

Horizon Tax and Accounting is like many other small businesses, they have been quietly helping their clients for several years without the help of a website or any outside agency to manage their brand. Until recently they did not see the need for a website, business was steady and clients seemed to find them. This was just fine until they decide to purchase another accounting practice. Suddenly they would be looking at a large influx of new clients that had no prior knowledge of their services. We started talking with the owners and the need to have a professional website along with a consistent brand identity became apparent. We needed to establish Horizon Tax and Accounting as a stable practice that would be able to manage the needs and provide services for the new clients and to not alienate existing clients. We have developed a website that provides up to date information on current government tax rules and regulations as well as linking to helpful tools and forms. With an ongoing maintenance plan in place we can keep information on the website updated as changes with tax information occur. Having a strategy in place and working with forward thinking owners we are excited to help Horizon Tax and Accounting grow and expand their business over the years to come.


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