Generator Interlock Technologies

This project was a collaboration between several companies. Generator Interlock Technologies hired Axim Solutions, J Drake Web Design and Workshop Digital to work on designing, building and analytics tracking for a new website. They needed a complete rebuild of their existing website, it was outdated and did not have the shopping features that were needed for their current product lines. Generator Interlock Technologies creates high-quality-stainless-steel, mechanical Interlocking devices to work for any electrical panel. In layman’s terms they create custom devices that work with different electrical breaker boxes. Easy enough, but there are hundreds of variations for all of the different manufactures that build breaker boxes. So a robust product section was needed with detailed explanations of each Interlock Kit as well as an easy to use shopping feature that residential and commercial buyers could both easily navigate.

The initial site re-design was done by JDWD. We were trying to streamline the purchase process for customers so that they could quickly find the kits they were looking for. We had to keep in mind that residential and commercial customers would both be using the site. Particular attention needed to be placed on how the user interface (how customers move through the buying process on the site) and user experience would be for the different types of customers. With the design phase of the project completed we moved into the actual building of the website.

Axim Solutions took our site designs and proceeded to program and code the site. Understanding how users were using the site and making purchases through allowed Axim to optimize the site for speed and performance. Hosting the site on dedicated servers improves the load times of pages, so having an optimized site helps Google rank the site above Generator Interlock’s competitors.

Although most of the tracking and reporting of the site happens after the site is launched Workshop Digital had input throughout the entire project, from the initial design to the final programming. Their team’s input during the process helped to refine the content of the site by using specific keywords and product information so that Google would understand our products and the customers we were trying to reach. Now that the site is launched they will help the Generator Interlock team to understand where their customers are coming from and how they are using the site.

Having an entire team working together to solve a business problem is just one of the ways that J Drake Web Design can help to Create A Solution that will work for your business.


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