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JDGD is a full-service digital branding studio in Richmond, VA. We build, design, manage and maintain mobile responsive websites that use a combination of original content creation, paid advertising and social media posting to reach your ideal customers and improve your bottom line.

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Building websites that build businesses

In the United States, there are about 331 million people. And about 378 million websites.

Far too many of those websites attract nothing more than spam from businesses that own other websites.

That’s because far too many website developers that serve mid-size businesses like yours see building a website as an end in itself.

It shouldn’t be.

Because even the best looking, most engagingly written, most technically flawless website is totally worthless unless it can attract qualified leads and convert them to sales.

So after we work with you to learn and define your business, your target audience, your goals, your industry and your competitors;

after we utilize what we’ve learned to create and test a clear, consistent strategy and message that’s unique to your business;

after we’ve written content that doesn’t just describe your business, but shows prospects how you can solve their problems, wants, and needs;

and after we’ve developed your website and deployed it into the real world,

we don’t just sit back and invoice you. Having built your website, we want to make sure it builds your business.

So we structure your website to optimize its search visibility.

Knowing that at least half your site’s traffic will come from smartphones, we make sure it’s mobile-responsive. That way, leads will be able to see it, read it, and respond to it regardless of their screens’ size or orientation.

We can create content and blog posts that give leads a reason to keep coming back, while at the same time improving your search rankings.

We can create social media campaigns that build your audience and drive traffic to your website. Manage paid online advertising opportunities such as Citation Listings and Google AdWords. Monitor your traffic and develop tweaks to build it on an ongoing basis.

In short, we can give you a powerful, effective digital presence – one that keeps on working to build your business.

And we can do all this within your parameters, your time frame, and your budget. Just as we’ve done over the years for dozens of mid-size businesses like yours.

If you need a new website, or if you’d just like to explore your options, contact us today to discuss your web needs.

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