Logo design and the trends that other designers are making and what they are following is always of interest to me because creating logos is one of the most fun parts of my job. Solving problems in a visually interesting manner in a way that no one has seen or something that did not occur to the clients is truly the best part of my job. I found the 2016 Logo Lounge Trends report by Bill Gardner and noticed right away that some of the observations he was making about neo-Swiss style were right on point. I’ve been saying for years that “Less Is More” when designing in general, if you can break something down to the simplest form and still describe the company ideals or the brand image then you have done your job. Jacob Cass of  recently interviewed the founder of Logo Lounge Bill Gardner where he described how the judging process works and how he has come to be one of the foremost logo design authority’s. Check out the article here.

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