Google. The search website that can be used to find anything from a simple dictionary definition to research papers for a doctoral thesis. A simple search can bring up millions of results in less than a second. As useful as some of the websites are, the majority of people don’t look past the first ten results, and even less move onto the second page. At JDWD, we work with you to make your website more visible on Google, and also advertise your business information on hundreds of search sites. Here are some examples of what we would work on:

  • Use Keywords

Google works by categorizing pages with their keywords so that when those words are searched, the pages with more keywords are ranked first. Having those keywords on your website pages will ensure that Google will move your website higher on the search results. However, don’t over stuff your content with keywords; that will only hurt you in the long run. Write your content for the reader and keep it natural. Just keep Google in the back of your mind.

  • Write a Blog

A blog is a good way to move your page up on Google’s rankings. Posting regularly on your blog is a good way to add new content and incorporate keywords into your website. It is also a good way to answer questions frequently asked by your customers and promote your business.

  • Quality Content

Having unique online content is a good way to separate yourself from your competitors. The pages on your website should be full of useful information that is specific to your business. Providing trustworthy and informative content will keep your clients coming back and push your website higher on search engines.

  • Create Citations

A citation is a mention of a local business’s name, address, or phone number on an online platform. They can happen on any directory, website, app, or social media. Having citations can help future clients find your business from somewhere other than Google. It can also impact search engine rankings, and help you rank accurately on Google Maps.

  • Be Mobile Friendly

Most people now use phones and tablets just as much as a computer. Having a mobile friendly website not only makes your website seem more professional, but also helps your Google ranking. Google actively looks for, and favors mobile friendly websites. Even if your website fits all the search criteria, it may be further down the list because it is not adaptive.

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