I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am no big fan of Google. The are too “Big Brother”, and a little too 1984 about controlling everything online. Before I get off on a tangent though I would like to see what everyone else thinks about their new logo. I appreciate the elegance and curves of a serif typeface, but at the same time my favorite font is Futura. I’ve read several articles and posts on both sides of the argument. They have kept the familiar pattern of colors that we have become used to seeing and simplified the logo. I think the thought process behind the design is to make Google seem friendly and accessible, instead of the all knowing Alphabet of companies that they have become. This change has made it easy to brand across the different products and platforms and made the logo easy to view on the go with any device. Here are some links to a couple of article about the redesign that I have found interesting.




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