Websites are an integral part of a company. It is usually the first thing a potential client would
see, and first impressions are always important. An old or poorly designed website may drive a
client away from your business without them doing further research. To prevent this from
happening, here is a list of reasons why you may need to redesign your website:

1. It looks outdated or old

Trends on the internet tend to change with the wind. Something that may have seemed “cool”
last year may look tacky these days. If all other companies that provide similar services have a
newer and up to date website, your potential clients may see them as more respectable even if
your service is far better than theirs. Put cleanly, your website design should reflect the quality of
your work.

2. It no longer reflects your brand

Say you changed your services or added additional products to your company but did not
change your website. Anyone going onto your website would see the wrong information and
think you do not provide what they need. It is important to keep your website up to date with
your services and what you want to put out to the public. The website should be a
representation of your style and personality.

3. It is unresponsive or broken

This one is more obvious, but the website should be able to be seen, and look professional, on
any device. With the way technology is advancing, even the older generations have
smartphones and tablets. Having your website be able to adapt to any device is important
because you never know what your clientele will use to access it.

4. Its security is not up to date

In a time where computer hacking is a fairly normal occurrence, your website’s security should
be top notch. Any business, small or large, is susceptible to being hacked or getting viruses. If
your website is older and hasn’t been updated, it is at a greater risk of being hacked

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