When the words “artificial intelligence” first came out, many thought it meant that robots would take over the world. While this has not happened yet, some believe that it is still a possibility in the near future, especially in the realm of design. In actuality, robots need not replace designers, but instead, be used as a tool to improve their craft. AI can be used to create designs in a less costly and more time efficient way. Here are some ways artificial intelligence can help improve the design industry:

● Interpretation of Context Rather than creating a step-by-step design using conventional design methods, an AI based software can create a final product based on the design context. They can produce results similar to those of human designers by focusing on the specific needs the designer programs into the computer. For example, a designer can determine the best color and font for a specific product without using trial and error. The computer would be able to scan the product and filter out what would be the best fit.

● Multiple and Varied Options As the use of artificial intelligence has increased, many tools for designers can be found on the internet. A simple google search can bring up numerous websites for font or design generators. Using these can create multiple different designs to build off of based on your specifications. The AI generated tools have simplified the design process by being able to offer countless varied templates to choose from.

● Tailored Experience We all know that our phones and computers listen to what we say. This combined with AI technology makes it possible for organizations to tailor their products to the consumer and potential clients. By using this information, designers would be able to determine what types of design patterns and colors would be the best for their users. This technology helps designers create specialized designs that are tailored exactly to the current trends and their client’s tastes.

● Simplified Design Process Designing jobs are very complicated and tend to take a lot of time and effort. It takes a very focused approach and a specialized skill set to create something based on an idea and make it come to life. With the use of AI-based tools, much of the manual labor involved becomes easier to do. Many of the prior knowledge and skills are still needed, but using an AI tool can make the execution easier.

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