47-Point Homepage Checklist:

Attract, connect and convert more visitors into buyers with this ultimate checklist.

Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t attract customers? Do you want your small businesses website to increase your sales?

Follow the tips below, and you’ll increase the likelihood of your visitors finding what they want and sharing what they’ve found, which will help you generate traffic and increase sales. Here’s a 47-Point Homepage Checklist that will help you create a website that will work for you:

Have a Clear and Unique Value Proposition.

What benefits do you offer and how do you distinguish your business over a competitor?

  1. This unique value proposition should appear prominently on your website homepage and in every marketing campaign.

Have Keyword Rich Heading Copy.

Is the content on your website focused on specific keywords that are search engine friendly?

  1. Showcase your accomplishments – somewhere within your content, or in your author bio box, you need to show off your accomplishments. This will prove that you are an authority, which will help cultivate a following.

Key Takeaway:

Lesson 1: Have a clear and unique value proposition.

Lesson 2: Have keyword rich heading copy.

Lesson 3: Creating great website is only half the battle. Promoting it is the other half.

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